La charca – Puppetry Theater

Thanks to the support of the Wings and Roots program of the Ministry of Culture of the Federal Government through the Secretary of Culture of Government of the State of Chihuahua, the company Títeres La Charca presents, after completing the guided tour of preschool and primary groups, a play of puppets that fosters various values ​​in children.

A total of 40 functions are distributed for the MUREF in the period April-July 2017 under the following schedule:

The plays are granted in the MUREF auditorium to groups of more than 60 children by appointment, for school groups of pre-school and primary morning and evening shift. If school institutions are interested in receiving this service and the functions are already separated, they can communicate to contract the service directly with:

Jesús García de la Torre

Cel. 656.284.8088

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