The Triumph of Maderism

The armed movement convened by Francisco L Madero through the Plan of San Luis at the end of 1910 to overthrow the Porfirio Diaz government had an immediate and vigorous response in the state of Chihuahua and despite the fact that at the beginning of 1911 more and more populations of the whole of the country joined the struggle, this northern state was in the vanguard of the struggle, mainly through the great military movement carried out by the men of the Sierra led by Pascual Orozco and later by the very leadership and enthusiasm that Madero exercised in the liberating soldiers when he personally commanded the battle of Casas Grandes.

But certainly the decisive campaign against the federal army was the one that the revolutionaries undertook against Ciudad Juárez and that culminated with their triumph in May 10th, 1911. Diaz’s defeat in a place of great importance in the border and defeats In other parts of the republic led this old dictator to seriously consider his resignation, which finally took place on May 25, according to the treaties of Ciudad Juarez that had been signed four days earlier.

In this way, Madero won his democratic struggle, but not necessarily that of the majority of the men who, together with him, had risen in arms, who hoped for more radical changes in social and economic terms and which his leader apparently did not intend to carry out.

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