The Revolution of the Gaze

The thousands of photographs that still exist about the revolution in Ciudad Juárez, the variety of aspects they document and the great diffusion they had, constitute a photographic phenomenon without precedent in the history of Mexico and undoubtedly meant a revolution in the way of seeing and remembering a historical fact.

These images that for local history are already a reference and one of his most faithful witnesses, were published in local and international newspapers as well as postcards and played a news paper for the inhabitants of the border cities, also contributed in a definitive way in the construction of the imaginaries of the northern revolution.

In 1911, more than 40 photographers came to this border town to record scenes of the armed struggle. At the head of them came the famous Jimmy Hare and various photographers such as Homer Scott and Otis Aultman whose work we recovered in this museum to understand The Mexican Revolution on the border. Produced in Mexico and propitiated by the national circumstance, the photographs of these men are also presented as great works of Mexican photography.

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