The Radicalization of the Struggle

When the Mexican Revolution began, several groups that were not totally related to Francisco I. Madero joined in the fight because they saw the many possibilities of overthrowing Diaz. That in itself, they thought, was a reason to join forces. On the other hand, the contents of the “Plan of San Luis” signed by Madero himself, guaranteed them in some way that their own social demands would be fulfilled.

Meanwhile the anarchists led by Ricardo Flores Magon warned people in the newspaper “Regeneracion”, that they should not trust Madero, since with him, they would change only the president, not the regime, and that he would soon betray them. Pascual Orozco himself hesitated to join the Maderist forces, which he rejected in a first invitation to join them, but seeing that Madero himself personally led the struggle, he inclined towards unification, but his doubts would continue; Two days after the capture of Ciudad Juarez, Orozco felt that Madero only used them and that he was betraying them, so he decided to apprehend him and bring the revolution to its ultimate consequences. This time Madero managed to convince him that they were fighting for the same cause.

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