The Mexican Liberal Party Organizing Committee and the Transition from Anarchism

Ricardo and Enrique Flores Magón, Juan Sarabia and other members of the Mexican Liberal Party who were exiled in the United States formed a committee in 1905 with the objective of organizing their party that, after the repression they had suffered in Mexico, was practically dismantled. In July 1906, after several public consultations, Regeneración – the official organ of the board, published a program in which the political and economic postulates of its organization were announced.

Until then, the struggle of the liberals was exhaustively in the field of political struggle, but in November of that same year, due to the constant persecution which they were receiving, they decided to form a revolutionary committee to summon the people of Mexico to take arms to overthrow Porfirio Diaz’s government, however their plans were discovered and most of their leaders ended up in jail. Faced with these circumstances, the leaders who were free led to new armed incursions in Coahuila but with more radical postulates that favored closed to anarchism; Some of them who wrote in the newspaper “Revolucion” published for the first time an article with the anarchist motto “Land and freedom”. Meanwhile the fighters managed to put in the villages that occupied the red flag with the same motto.

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