Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa was undoubtedly one of the great leaders of the Mexican Revolution, his victories in Ciudad Juárez in 1913 and those of Torreon and Zacatecas in 1914 which derived in the resignation of Victoriano Huerta as the president of the republic is proof of what is said , However, the “Centauro del Norte”, as some journalists called him, transcended beyond those battles, his name would be used as a symbol, flag and inspiration of many social struggles inside and outside of Mexico.

Villa, like most of his soldiers, came from a poor family and did not have the slightest education, yet he possessed qualities not available to anyone else, such as a great capacity for organization, mastery of the art of War and charisma to attract proselytes to his cause, and because of this, he became the head of the largest popular army in Latin America with more than 18,000 men.

Although Villa was not an ideologist, his reason for fighting was very clear, his war was inspired by the Plan de San Luis, whose principles he had heard from the mouth of Francisco I. Madero in 1911 but also promoted his own political plans when he was governor of Chihuahua and chief Of the Northern Division; Pancho Villa wanted a democratic country but above all, fairer conditions for the workers.

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