Friends of MUREF Foundation

The Friends of the MUREF Foundation was born from the need to create a civil organization that would contribute to the remodeling of the Historical Museum of Ciudad Juárez, constituting itself in the year 2000. In 2007 in collaboration with the INAH begins the task of transforming the Historical Museum of Cd . Juárez as the Museum of the Revolution in the Border, an achievement that was materialized in 2009 when the contributions necessary to achieve in November 2010 to open the doors to the public of the Museum of the Revolution in the Border. We are a group of citizens committed to the culture, art and history of the region. Our objective is to help the rescue and preservation of the city's heritage, specifically the historic monument of the former Customs, as well as strengthening and supporting the management of projects that seek to strengthen the cultural infrastructure, dissemination of the historic and artistic heritage of Ciudad Juárez and the border region.


To be the Board of Trustees that uses the most efficiently managed resources. To make cultural and educational programs motivate all Juarenses to participate in them at least once a year. To be an innovative model of partnership-government in Mexico.


To offer the Juarense community, especially children, the possibility to open their horizons, to educate themselves and to be enriched by means of culture, history and art, with world-class programs in content and effectiveness.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Juan Carlos Sapién de Anda


Magdalena Cedillos Barraza


Karen Alamo Castro


Jesús Manuel Muñoz Delgado


Jesús Manuel Loya Rodríguez


Ana Catalina Sepúlveda Elizondo


Alejandra Delgado Santizo



– Ivonne Aguilera González
– Ileana Beltrán del Río de Muñoz
– Gonzalo Bravo Vera
– Miguel Ángel Calderón Rodríguez
– Miguel Fernández Stevenson
– María Eugenia Galicia de González
– Luis Antonio Maguregui Ramírez
– Laura Muñoz Delgado
– Eduardo Romero Ramos
– Lizbeth Ruíz Figueroa
– Rodolfo Espinoza Martínez

Our Vision

– Transparency
– Efectiveness & efficiency
– Equity
– Goodwill
– Social Responsibility
– Inclusion

Annual reports

If you want to know our financial statements and / or our income, you can contact us for more information at:

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