After a tour guided by the MUREF, our visitors in preschool group will be able to enjoy this space within the context of the museum that allows experimentation with materials and objects, while serving as a space for intervention and reflection of the visit.
This is achieved in this space through various elements designed for pre-school children.

Curiosity Cabinet:
It consists of a piece of furniture where children can see, touch, feel. Imagine and interact with objects typical of the revolutionary era: typewriters, lamps, plates, etc. Let your imagination fly to your old use and compare objects with the current.

Wall of expression:
In this wall the children will be able to express through drawing their experience in the museum. In addition, we suggest consolidating the images of the most significant characters of the Mexican Revolution on the border proposing to draw mustaches, hats, and physical characteristics of the characters.

Workshops for children:
In this space, activities are offered according to the abilities of preschool children.

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